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A Moment in Radosland!

¡Tengo un cerdo en mis pantalones!


On my quest to get 2400, the road has taken the best curve of all: the final stretch to get 100.
Ahhhhhh, the joy of getting a custom title soon...

3/29/05 08:32 pm - Car

Ehehee, It's been a while, people. Our subject today is my car.

I got my car today. It's a black 1990something Dodge Spirit, given to me by my dear grandpa. I have to clean it out but then I'll be able to drive it. But mom won't let me get the spare key out of its hiding place. It's my car dammit.

3/20/05 07:14 pm - jftyjdtydjbjtyjyk

I haven't updated in quite a while...
I'm trying my hardest to get 2400 on HPANA.
Fun Fun Fun

Til later...
*flips everyone off*

2/25/05 07:40 pm - FUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went job shadowing today. I got out of school at 11:30 and I got to eat lunch with old people.

The guy I was supposed to follow around all day went home after his big meeting leaving me to shadow another lady. We made FINGER PAINT!!!!!!! It was sooooooooooooooooooooooo much fun! All you do is take corn starch, sugar, salt and waer, boil it together, add food coloring and voila1 you have finger paint. I tried to make the Hogwarts crest, but I am artistically challenged, so it was 4 blobs of red, green, yellow, and blue...

I got a ton of candy afterward because I left later than everyone else doing the shadowing thing. Sugar! Yay!

2/19/05 04:21 pm - Ice skating is fun!

Well it is. I went yesterday to an ice skating rink with a group from school. My friend Casey (a guy) went too. I am proud to say that I skated without any problems (I didn't even hurt my ass- yay!) Buy Casey... he couldn't skate worth shit. Let's just say that he tooks a few spills and gave up after 3 laps around the rink. LOSER! Ice Castles is so going on my list of places to take Dan when he comes to visit me. =)

My borhter almost got me banned from HPANA by using his name and saying it was me. IF HE GETS ME BANNED I'LL MURDER HIS ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*flicks everyone off*

2/11/05 08:25 am - lack of anything to talk about....

I have nothing to talk about! That's why there's an absence of entries on here...

I get to go ice skating next week for my school break. Getting straight A's for an entire semester has its perks and that's one of them. I just hope that when I go, I don't fall on my ass.

ng;asekjfn;b silfgvildsn fosdnofbsupb *random moment*

2/7/05 08:15 pm - Tu+Tu=Vosotros

That's what I learned it Spanish today!

I'm just going to say a bit on the Super Bowl. Tom Brady, Adam Vinatieri, and Tedy Bruschi were HOT!!!!! *salutes them all*

And I'm still sketchy on the details of the peanut butter football Dan dream *Danlovahs will understand*

So that's all...

2/4/05 08:15 pm - Oh..my...GOD

Today was one of the best days EVER. Foreign exchange day at Hibriten! Every foreign exchange student from the great state of North Carolina came to my school. I got to meet 2 of them.

First was Gabriel from Sao Paulo, Brasil. Ohhhhhh man, he was H-O-T! It was funny when he and my hot Spanish teacher started jabbering in Portuguese. *by the way, my Spanish teacher's first language is Portuguese, followed by English, then Spanish*

And the other, the not-so-hot Michael from Germany. He was full of stories about getting drunk (although none of them could compare to Kristen's). He was very boring.

My school has 2 exchange students who stay for a year. One of them is Aya from Japan. Her friend from Japan came today as well. I didn't get to see him.

All of this foreign talk... *shifty* Makes me happy...

2/3/05 06:13 pm

This one's going to be a little random so bear with me.

All righty, today during band, old Bill gave a sermon on purpose. 5 minutes long was his speech. "purpose this purpose that". It made me think of Mr. Smith from the Matrix.

My hot spanish teacher Mr. Griffith fucked up his grade book today. His screw up made everyone's averages go through the roof. 118 average is AWESOME, but it's going to change. He put one of the test grades in as 1 point instead of 100... so I got 10500% on a test.

I patched up my favorite pair of jeans last night. All I did was get my dad's old jeans, cut parts of them and sew the parts onto my jeans. Had I not fixed them, someone would walk up to me and inform me of it. the last time someone informed me of my torn jeans... they said "Hey you, your pussy's hanging out."

And a forum note... I joined PokeDream forums today. It's a forum where I can chat about my second, well third love: Pokemon. Pokemon comes after Dan and HP of course.

So that's it for now. I must go and make a template for my Australia project. Tootles.

2/3/05 08:28 am - All of my freaky tales from the past few days (some of which are randomly stupid)

Ah another day, another night before of internet deprivation.

I got a new rank on HPANA the other day. So now I am Rados- Order of Merlin 2nd Class to all of you. Bow down to my superiority! Not really, I'm not superior to Brittany and her 10000+ points.

I get to do a project on Australia, which blows because I hate project and I get to bum stuff off of people. I'm sorry Kristen, you're the only Australian person I know.

Algebra class sucked, because this randomly stupid idiot made fun of Ace Ventura. Ace Ventura is not one to be made fun of. He is THE only person who can do the yak mating call.

I can't think of anything else to tell so I will leave it here. I'm sure I'll think of something during DanDreaming class- oh wait, I mean band.

*flips everyone off*
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