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2 funny stories for today. The lesser of the funny first.

If you know me, you kind of figure that I hate my band director quite a bit. Today, he tripped over the timpanis. AHHHH!

Mostus Funnyus:
Today, Mr. Griffith waltzed into my spanish class. The thing was, his pants were unzipped. We all sat there, making allusions to zipping pants, until an hour into class, we all looked up how to say "You need to zip your pants" in spanish and informed him of his problem. He goes, "What do you mean, I need to burn my pants?" We laughed at him and told him to zip his pants. He then got right beside me and Jay and zipped 'em right up. Then we debated whether or not we should have told him at all, but hey, it was funny and we had a great laugh.
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