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The title and all the thank yous to go with it

All righty, I got 2400 points on HPANA and so I requested my title. If you don't know what it is, just check in the DTDR thread or the title switching chram thread. So now to hand out the thank yous.

First- Rhianna, thanks for being my first "webby" friend! We had some really fun conversations in my old I believe thread and Coffe team and the Banana thread. I love you!

Next- Amy, Lyly, Laura, Brittany, Jada, Kristen, Kelly, Kirk, and all the other Danlovahs, thanks for all the excellent (and weird) conversations in the Dan Shrine. We've had a ton of fun! I love you guys!

Thirdly- Tommy, Angela, Asia, and all the other banana snatchers, ti's so much fun stealing Georgifer from each other! Ahhhhh...

And last, but not least- Heather, who kept bugging me about the points! Now I'm superior to your 119 points! Ha! You know I'm kidding.

And all the other people who had long and lenghthy conversations- Thanks!

Now this doesn't mean that I'm quitting HPANA. No way! This is just to express my joy of having such wonderful and great friends on the internet. Now I'll probably have 4800 by the time I've been on HPANA for a year, since it took mearly 6 months to get 2400. Long Live HPANA!!!!!!
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